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Come play with me in the Metaverse!

Currently only very busy during American evenings due to a high volume of players from those timezones. I want to get it busy all day! Those of you from around Europe or anywhere that can see this come on and give us a go! a fab community with 2 servers open currently and fantastic plugins and perks! 

Just join Play.mcmetaverse.com to take part in the fun and games.

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This has been Gussy from Mcmetaverse.com minecraft servers.

Easter Egg Hunt

Happy Holidays!

For those of you celebrating Easter or some other holiday this weekend, we have a special event going on in The Metaverse you will want to take some time to check out!

We have placed well over 130 Easter Eggs around spawn. For every one you find, you get $200. Find all of them for a huge prize!

Hunting in a group is encourages, as those in your immediate area get rewarded for the egg you find!

This is an AMAZING way to get a lot of money!

Hope to see you there! Remember you need to be on version 1.7.2 or 1.7.4 and connect to IP: play.mcmetaverse.com

If you are new, just type /metaverse to join The Metaverse and get started!


Stepping down.

Hi everyone, I’m just announcing that after nearly 2 years of being Staff I am stepping down. I don’t have the time or mentality to help run the server full time and although I will still be advertising for you and helping out when I can I cannot be officially staff In my opinion. I’m sure Shadow and some of you others will keep me updated and I am sure I am still a very trusted player, enough so that I will of course moderate as much as possible when nobody else can. I will not have permissions to do any real punishing I don’t think but will relay anything I see to the admins and moderators. I hope to see you in game lot’s and I still consider The Metaverse home.

Farewell :) XX

And for those of you on tumblr that for some reason don’t know about this server you really need to join! You need to join with the address Play.mcmetaverse.com

It is the best!

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Wither and Ender Dragon Battles!


On SUNDAY ( 3/2/14) I will be holding a Dragon Battle and a Wither Battle Rules:
Teams of 2 will take on the bosses (not at the same time).

You will have five minutes to defeat the boss.

If you die, you may NOT return to the battle field. * A staff member will be there to collect your items and return them

If your team loses, you may sign up again but must go after the other teams.

If a team wins, the battle is over until we decide to do it again.

Winners will both receive what the bosses drop (a dragon egg, nether star) and $500

You may use fly during the battles, if you use them to go under the land spread and hide you will be disqualified.

Potions and armor are allowed as well.

Anyone who enters the battle field when it is not there turn will spend an hour in jail, muted and not be able to participate in these battles for two weeks.

ONE PERSON from each team should sign up below and put the other team members name with theirs. First come first fight basis.

Please sign up on the forums:http://mcmetaverse.com/dash/m/6766508/viewthread/11198970-dragon-battle-wither 

- Pumpkin

ServerIP: S12.hosthorde.com:25573